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Sapphire Songbird Series, Book 1. Digital or Print.   

Struggling to unravel the secrets of her father’s past while coming to terms with her own, a young woman finds a hidden treasure containing a brooch reputed to have the power to connect the living to the dead. 

Truth is expertly woven with fiction into a riveting story about a sunken Russian battleship, a failed mission, a mysterious treasure, family legacies, the holiday season and learning to believe in the magic of love. A Novella. 

"Mermaid's Treasure is an excellent book, and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. The author's descriptions of characters and surroundings are so detailed and beautifully written that you feel you are experiencing it firsthand...   Reviewer Amazon

"I so much enjoyed this book. Great action, suspense, and just the right touch of love and family values! Everyone should read this!"  

Reviewer Amazon

"If you read "Songbird" but you haven't read "Mermaid" you're missing out! Mermaid is another winner!"   

Mr. Pete





Sapphire Songbird Series, Book 2. Digital or Print. 

Speakeasies. Gangsters. Flappers. 

The early 20's roared. Fortunes were made or lost in a single night, criminals mingled with kings and neither prohibition or the government could stop the flow of alcohol or the lure of the "good life". 

Young Hannah Glidden struggles to survive and manages to thrive as a cabaret singer. Handsome New York rum runner, Johnny Gallo, has a knack for knowing the right people, and a single-minded devotion to getting what he wants. And, he wants the beautiful Hannah. 

Hannah goes with Johnny to Al Capone's Chicago and eventually to Brooklyn, New York and basks in the glamourous shadow world of gangsters and their gals. Her devoted lover is a force to be reckoned with but in time his controlling ways turn Hannah into a bird in a gilded cage. Facing the dark side of her dreams, Hannah dares to defy danger and Johnny only to discover that for her, dying might be the only true path to freedom after all.

 "Gloriously heartbreaking and tragic, but beautiful, THE SONGBIRD WITH SAPPHIRE EYES is a nod to the roaring twenties you don't want to miss."    Author, Delilah Marvelle





Short Stories. Multiple Genres. Multiple Authors. Digital or Print. 

A former Marine, desperate for employment, takes a temp job that leads to a life-changing decision on Christmas Eve. A family brooch with magical powers saves the life of its wearer during the holidays. A doctor's nonfiction reflection of her father's cancer diagnosis personalizes the spirit of Christmas.

Add in a little dog's snowy adventure, magical realism, and a touch of mistletoe, and readers will delight in these twelve diverse and heartfelt stories offered by Windtree Press authors that explore love, messiness and the miracles of Christmas. 

"There were many touching stories in this book that definitely invoked the Christmas spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed Mermaid's Treasure. I enjoyed the historical references, and the story was intriguing and unique. For a short story, the author did an amazing job of character development. When I was done reading it, I definitely wanted to know more about the characters and the story. I also enjoyed The Cancer Christmas. It struck an emotional chord that many of us as readers can relate to.
AL, Reviewer Amazon

Books are available for purchase at Amazon (link shown below). Also Windtree Press, Arcade Book Exchange, Jan's Paperbacks or for digital download at any of your favorite stores including: Apple, Nook, Kobo, Scribed, 24 Symbols, Inktera, Indigo, Angus & Robertson and Modadori.   





Sapphire Songbird Series, Book 3. TBA

Brooklyn gangster Johnny Gallo is forced to become the father he never was when the son he ‘took’ at birth is seriously injured in a fire at the boarding school he’s lived at all his life. Anthony Gallo grows up amongst his father’s mobster friends, next door to Johnny’s neighbor—‘hood’ bar and Johnny spares no expense to give his son the best upbringing possible. But when Anthony's girl ditches him and he finds out why, heartbroken and angry, he leaves everything behind to enlist in the Army Air Corps. 


1944. World War ll. If the U.S. and her allies don’t kick ass soon, everything could be lost. Anthony becomes an ace pilot known for his bravery and daring until his plane, ‘angel’s songbird’ is shot down over enemy territory. Seriously wounded and missing, he makes it back, guided by his “guardian angel." 

Returning home, he makes amends with his family and reunites with his controlling father—on his own terms. Smarts, good looks and connections soon have Anthony living large—until personal tragedy strikes. 

Swamped by grief and loose ends, distorted truths, threats and complications, he's forced to make some tough, soul-shattering decisions. No longer sure who he is or who he wants to be, he decides to take some time away to explore the mystery surrounding his parentage. 

Embarking on a tailspin mission; a reverse of the very same journey his birth mother took; he follows clues that lead him to Chicago, Kansas City, Missouri and finally rural Kansas. Along the way, as he slowly pieces himself back together, he learns every life has its own purpose, love can last forever, home is where the heart is and that sometimes the only connections worth having are the simplest ones that come from the heart.

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